FNHW Newsletter – December 2020

FNHW Newsletter Dec 2020

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Inland Rail Update

  • Representing the communities on behalf of IRAG and a CCC member, I wrote to ARTC/Enviroline enviroline@artc.com.au regarding inadequate fencing along the rail corridor.  Provided photos and details as requested. Suggested Enviroline investigate along the rail and provide suitable fencing for the safety of our community.
  • Also wrote to ARTC/Enviroline enviroline@artc.com.au regarding excessive loud noise from current trains.  Suggested they set up monitoring equipment to accurately monitor the levels and frequency of high-level noise, giving them a better understanding of our concerns.

ARTC CCC meeting held 30 November 2020, where they presented their slides and latest information on Environment. The slides on the ARTC website:   https://inlandrail.artc.com.au/ November 2020 project update for Kagaru to Acacia Ridge & Bromelton - Inland Rail (artc.com.au)

  • We handed a list of questions to the Chair and Stakeholder Engagement Lead be tabled. They will respond after Christmas. Will post on our IRAG and Forestdale Community fb pages.

ARTC are holding community information drop-in sessions in December. We encourage all residents to attend.

This is your opportunity to ask your questions one on one with ARTC team.


  • Next ARTC CCC Meeting February 2021.


For further information:


Email: inlandrailag@gmail.com


On behalf of Inland Rail Action Group, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.