Teddy Bear Hunt

Teddy Bear Hunt

Forestdale NHW

is sponsoring prizes, 1st, 2nd & 3rd

to families that find the most.

We're going on a bear hunt.....

We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to count how many and match their photos to the addresses.

Come young and old there’s no age limit, get your family out 'n about, walking the streets looking for the teddy bears hiding around our beautiful suburb.

To enter the Teddy Bear Hunt, check all the Teddy's that are hiding (see Gallery below). Each Teddy has been allocated a number and their street where they are hiding is listed next to their number.  The goal is to find Teddy's in their street and get their street number.

The winners will be the person or family who finds the most Teddies street numbers.

Fantastic prizes proudly donated by Forestdale NHW 😊

1st prize, 2nd prize,  3rd prize

Teddy Bear Hunt Prizes

Enter details of Teddy Bears that are hiding in your yard or window.  Please include address and upload a photo for us to display below in the online gallery (see below).

Please download and print the Teddy Bear Hunt entry form so that you can write down address of where you spot teddies hiding in the neighbourhood.

Please note that this competition is for Forestdale residents only.  Proof of address may be requested.

Abbey Street
Allanadale Court
Archery Street
Archery Street & Saracen Court
Barris Court
Barris Court & Dickman Road
Crannock Court
Dickman Road
Feather Close
Forestdale Drive
Lincoln Green Drive
Lincoln Green Drive & Forestdale Drive
Lionheart Street
Macadamia Street
Nottingham Court
Plantagenet Court
Robin Court
Saracen Court
Saracen Court & Archery Street
Scabbard Court
Scribner Avenue
Sheriff Street
Sheriff Street & Forestdale Drive
Sienko Street
Woodbine Street